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Your Google rankings will rise in the short and long-term, by using a number of our strategies. Our SEO is affordable too!

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When you’re small, it’s all about the profits…

Your business is small. You can’t afford national marketing campaigns just to establish your brand. More importantly, you’re not equipped to handle the influx of clients that such a massive strategy could attract. But does your current SEO company know this?

  • We’re affordable because we only do what works for you, not because we do less. Our targeted approach saves you money and meets your business goals.
  • Our cheap SEO plans make you more profitable. We target the right clients that end up knocking on your door.
  • We focus on content-driven SEO that positions your business as a leader in the industry.

Relevant SEO strategies

The rules of SEO are always changing, but luckily we keep on top of this. We boost Google rankings for the long-term, while your clients roll in, using various strategies:

  • Blogging and guest blogging: maximum exposure based on choosing the best keywords and topics.
  • Cross promotion and relevant referrals, or traffic that’s more than a number on your screen.
  • Putting the best links in the right places (this isn’t about posting links anywhere).
  • Our powerful SEO is affordable too!
Increase Google Rankings Faster

SEO takes time to work, but we’ve figured out how to get impressive results faster. We only do what works and don’t waste time mucking around with weak strategies, just to take your money.

Accurate Reporting

SEO reporting is more difficult than advertising reporting. But with us, you’ll always know what we’ve done and how this affects your small business. No fluff, just transparent results that are easy to understand.

Comprehensive Content Management

Have you ever stumbled upon a blog post that’s drowning in keywords (a drag to read)? Many businesses squeeze in as many keywords as they can, thinking this will improve their SEO. If anything, it works against them. Nobody wants to read content that seems robotic and manipulative. People want to read compelling and useful information. We help

Money Well Spent

Our microservices are designed to pack a punch. We’ve figured out what works, after 17 years of working extensively with businesses through our parent company, E-Web Marketing. Digital Burst’s affordable services promote your online brand by focusing on the elements that deliver the greatest impact. Even the smallest businesses can afford our cheap SEO plans.

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