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Affordable Google Ads Packages for your business

Consumers are being pulled from every direction, why would they bother clicking on your ad? You need something extra, to catch their attention.

Google advertising is a cost-effective way to connect with people, but only when based on solid data. Too many companies are competing for attention. You must relate to your target consumer’s problems and write in a way that hooks them in.

If you don’t already know, Google advertising is the most popular form of pay-per-click advertising (PPC) for search engines, as Google attracts the highest traffic. You pay Google when someone clicks on your ad at the top of the page. Our ad specialists can manage the entire campaign for you. We’ve been trained to get powerful results and fast.

Our process

Design Workflow and Methodology

What are your business goals? We discuss how to best meet your outcomes.
We figure out what the budget should be and audit the health of your existing campaigns.
Creating the ads
Our team sets up the Google Ads Platform, before writing and publishing multiple ad campaigns, based on our prior planning.
Google ads conversion tracking is used to monitor the performance of published ads.
We don’t publish the ads and forget about it. Changes are made to ensure optimal performance, based on our regular monitoring.
Monthly reports
Transparency is important, so we share monthly reports with live-time data. Access these reports by logging into a program that’s easy to use.


Our Google Ads Packages

Perfect For All Size Businesses

Google AdsGAds LiteGAds StandardGAds Premium
Ad Spend*$300-$800$800-$1500$1500-$3000
Target Action Plan
Keyword Research
Keyword Targeted102030
Search Campaign123
Display CampaignX11
Remarketing CampaignXX1
Conversion Tracking
Ongoing Optimization
Interactive Real- Time Tracking
Strategy MeetingX
Google Certified Account Manager
$49/ Week + $249 Set Up$99/ Week + $349 Set Up$149/ Week + $499 Set Up

* Ad spend is exclusive to management fees and would be paid directly to Google by the client

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What Our Client’s Say

Sam and team are very knowledgeable. They explain each step very clearly for us to understand. I highly recommend.
Michael Sallama
Michael Sallama
Having tried a few other agencies. Coming across to eWeb has been exactly what we needed. Hasnain, in particular explains the digital world with clarity and good direction. Limiting costs and increasing return on investment. Thanks Has..... Dan
Daniel Clarke
Daniel Clarke
We spoke with E-Web 5 months into starting our company. Hasnain was extremely helpful and took the time to understand our business and our strategy. Immediately after implementing the marketing strategy we started seeing genuine leads. Could not be happier with the service E-Web provide us each month. Highly recommend.
Tim Cullen
Tim Cullen
Sam gave some great insight at Round Table Day at Business Blueprint Conference. He is extremely knowledgeable and explains things in an easy to understand way. He has given me some great feedback on what I need to do.
Sue Muller
Sue Muller
Engaging and helpful digital marketing experts who understand how to apply marketing strategy to generate real business results.
Lindi Glass
Lindi Glass
Michael Hargraves
Michael Hargraves
I just want to say a big thank you to Sam who went through my google analytics with me and explained things so clearly and provided such great advice. Obviously not only knows his stuff, but has the unique talent of explaining things to those of us who don't!
Cindy Mitchell
Cindy Mitchell
Great service
PartySound DJ MC Photo Booth
PartySound DJ MC Photo Booth
Great conversation and advice. Thank you!
Lin Liu
Lin Liu
E-Web is for you, If you're starting a business or just want to learn more about web marketing. The CEO is amazing, not only does he care about your business, he will truly give you advice & suggestions to create brand awareness. The staff are well educated in areas that can empower you to work on marketing platforms that seem overwhelming. You can rest assure E-Web will take on all the marketing needs you require as if it was their own business.