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    In the modern age of the internet, many business owners learn about “Search Engine Optimization” and feel that they’re able to tackle the issue in-house. They’ll attempt to learn and implement SEO business practices themselves, which unfortunately can waste a lot of time and money when done incorrectly. It’s generally considered a better alternative to hiring an outside SEO company that knows the ins-and-outs of search engine optimization.

    With Digital Burst, you can be worry-free with SEO. Your business comes first, always. Our mission is to make sure our Perth clients are successful in every SEO marketing campaign. Unlike some other Australian SEO companies, we give our all to provide unique, superior service that fits each business’search engine optimization needs. Digital Burst is, to put it simply, the best SEO service in Perth.

    Digital Burst outmatches every other local competitor. Our services are far superior to any other Perth SEO consulting business. We always keep our services 100% transparent. Each client is presented with a detailed plan of action before we begin any of the hard work. Every specific want and need of the client is assessed and used to create and implement a customized strategy for that client.

    Rather than simply boasting about our service and promising success, let’s expand further on what exactly we’ll do to boost your site’s search engine rankings. Here is why Digital Burst is the absolute best SEO service provider in Perth.

    Superior SEO Services in Perth

    Other Perth SEO companies use the same automated tactics for every single site they work with. When used wrongly, some of these automated methods can accidentally penalize your site and remove it from the search index rankings completely.

    Working with Digital Burst means complete transparency. You’ll never worry about being uninformed on what’s happening with your site. You’ll be given constant access to our processes and internal systems for task management. With Digital Burst, your website traffic and search engine rankings are guaranteed to jump through the roof.

    For every SEO campaign that we perform, Digital Burst offers these services:

    • Web property audits
    • Expansive keyword research
    • Content marketing
    • Content gap analyses
    • On-page SEO best practices
    • Acquisition of backlinks

    Let’s look closely at each of these offers:

    Web Property Audits

    Digital Burst will perform thorough analyses of load speed, accessibility, structure, and coding of your website, allowing us to discover any issues that may harm your site’s search engine index ranking. Performing these in-depth audits allows us to make a thorough plan of action, and to better ensure that your site rises in the search engine index.

    Keyword Research

    Keyword research is an extremely important aspect of search engine optimization. It’s also very difficult to do right. Other Perth SEO consulting services achieve the bare minimum of what it takes to perform proper keyword research, using the same automated tactics. At Digital Burst, we work harder to find exactly what targets will launch your site to the top of the rankings.

    Content Marketing

    Digital Burst is incredibly proud of our content marketing services. We’ve worked tirelessly for years to assist our customers in creating meaningful site content. When your site’s content is bulletproof, the traffic will come easily. After, we broadcast knowledge of your product or service. Content is the single most important aspect of your site’s SEO. Quality content will attract a wider natural audience. Great content will lead to greater exposure.

    Content Gap Analysis

    All that hard work making your beautiful website completely perfect will be completely pointless if no one can find your site. Our staff of SEO experts excels at helping clients find exactly what gaps lie in their current content strategies. They’ll work to fill those gaps, which will greatly improve your website’s searchability.

    On-Page SEO Best Practices

    To reach the front page of Google, you’re going to need top-notch web design. Your site should be optimized to ensure the highest possible index ranking. Digital Burst consistently provides unmatched SEO services in Perth and throughout Australia. Our job is to ensure that your site is trustworthy and relevant to your intended audience.

    Acquisition of Backlinks

    Over the years of successful SEO campaigning, Digital Burst has developed an extensive outreach strategy to allow trusted incoming signals into your website. This will allow search engine crawlers to view your site as a trusted authority in the field related to your product or service of choice. Customers will flock to a brand they trust. We’ve spent years gathering a wide-ranging network of link building opportunities, who we continue to work with to jointly build quality brands.

    Why Choose Digital Burst?

    Since the year 2012, hordes of SEO businesses have shown up everywhere in Australia and beyond. These companies, based out of third-world countries, are simply old businesses that have been rebranded as SEO service providers. The fact is that businesses like this simply can’t offer all the services needed to successfully maximize your SEO campaign. Digital Burst is based right here in Australia, meaning you can trust we have the proper resources.

    When you settle for a low-quality SEO company, you’re putting your site in danger. Unskilled “experts” can end up getting your site penalized and can lead to permanent damage to your brand. Previous unlucky clients of these businesses have endured and reported severe brand damage. When you put the fate of your company’s brand in the hands of these untrustworthy companies, you’re risking quite a lot.

    Working with Digital Burst means you’ll never have to worry about failure or second-rate service. We pledge unbeatable quality and complete transparency in every single SEO campaign. Spearheaded by our internet marketing expert Peter Ngo, he founded Digital Burst to fill the obvious void in the Perth SEO industry. There are no other SEO companies in Australia that offer the quality of work as Digital Burst.

    Our personalized, highly tailored approach to everyone is led by Peter himself, acting as your personal point of contact. There are no hoops to jump to. Simply clear and concise communication. Over his long career in search engine optimization and internet marketing, Peter has proven to be one of the best in the business. He’s one of the most trusted and goal-driven internet professionals in Australia.

    He’s helped businesses of all sizes, from small storefronts to multi-million dollar companies, achieve SEO and online marketing dominance.

    Digital Burst works with you every step of the way, forming a true partnership, to maximize the success of your website’s success. Our full-service SEO plans, including strategic consulting, research and planning, on-site and off-site search engine optimization, will substantially boost your search engine index rankings.

    Does My Business Need SEO?

    People often get confused about the actual business of search engine optimization. What’s the true value of SEO? Does my business need it to succeed?

    No modern business would ignore SEO as the single most important part of a successful internet marketing strategy. With stronger returns on investment than traditional media marketing formats like radio, print, and television, search engine optimization is clearly the smart way to go. After all, with more traffic online than ever before, SEO isn’t just extra marketing for your business, it’s an absolutely essential part. Since the rise of search engines, SEO has been often misunderstood. To some, it seems like a simple matter of throwing a bunch of keywords into their website. In truth, this devalues the true utility of search engine optimization.

    SEO isn’t a miracle solution. It can’t make your brand successful overnight.SEO is a tool that provides higher brand visibility and more credibility to your business. It increases website traffic, offers higher return on investment, and shows insight into the behavior of your customers. Let’s take a closer look at each of these offers.

    SEO is essential to brand visibility in Perth

    When online Australian consumers are looking for a certain product or service, they’ll do an internet search for related keywords on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Your website will need to rank high in these results for people to more easily find your business.

    Simply getting people to click on your site isn’t the only value in high search index appearances. When someone in Perth searches for a term or keyword related to your brand, this person will almost never end the search by only clicking on the top result. In most cases, a person views multiple search results, switches up their search terms, and so on until they’ve settled on a business they can trust.

    So, what exactly does this mean for your business’ website and brand? Well, every time a potential customer sees your website appear in their search results, your site will gain more trust. The more they’re exposed to your brand in the search index, the more they’ll be inclined to do business with the brand.

    SEO builds credibility for your business

    When someone searches for a term, they pay attention to the ranking of each site. To the searcher, a website at the top is more credible than one further down the list. When your site’s ranking in the search index increases, there is an accompanying boost in brand credibility. Digital Burst is here to help you increase your search index ranking and take your Perth business to the next level.

    SEO leads quality traffic to your site

    The more traffic that your site attracts, the more your chances of making a lifelong customer increase. It wouldn’t make any sense to set up your traditional storefront business in the middle of nowhere where nobody ever visits. It’s always better to open a business in a busy area, where a large number of people increases your percentage of potential customers. The world of digital marketing is no different.

    Building a successful online brand means you’ll have to be unique. No one notices the ones who don’t stand out. Take advantage of all the extra traffic with a unique, informative, and helpful approach that will get you those clicks.

    SEO consistently succeeds where all traditional marketing tactics can sometimes fail. When someone sees your site on the search engine index, you’re already halfway to making the sale. The person searching already needs the service or product that you provide. Once they’ve clicked through to your site, if your content is perfect, you’ve already won them over.

    SEO offers a massive return on investment

    The ROI with search engine optimization far surpasses traditional marketing strategies like radio, television, and print. SEO is inbound marketing, which means you’re marketing to consumers who were already on the hunt for the type of service or product that your business provides. You don’t have to bother with the difficult task of convincing the consumer that they need your product in the first place.

    SEO is unobtrusive marketing, meaning that because the searchers are already putting their own time and effort into finding a product or service, there’s absolutely no need for you to spend your own resources on expensive traditional advertisements. We at Digital Burst are passionate about the unobtrusive nature of SEO.

    SEO provides unmatched insight on consumers

    What can SEO teach you about your consumer base? Analytics tools are the perfect answer. We can gather many insights about who visits your site using tools like Google Analytics. These tools allow you to view search locations,see which devices searchers used to access your site, their most commonly used languages, times when traffic is the highest, and so much more. These tools are tremendously useful in helping your Perth business determine what happens next for your brand.

    At Digital Burst, we are more than a fly-by-night SEO services company running on a shoestring budget with barely capable staff. We are a curated, professional, and passionate agency bent to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd in its online presence. The TLC we put into our projects is the same quality we provide for our customers. At the end of the day, we are not a machine. We are a collective of individuals geared toward delivering the most reliable SEO consulting and services in Perth. And that is something we can put our names on.