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In the business of search engine optimization, it’s always better to hire an agency that knows what it’s doing instead of trying to go at it all by yourself. Many websites and business owners will attempt to learn and implement SEO strategies to boost their search engine index rankings. Many of them end up wasting a lot of time and money.
At Digital Burst, you don’t have to worry about failing. Our customer comes first, and you’ll never settle for second-rate service. We work hard to ensure that our Brisbane clients feel welcome and that their site is in good hands. Unlike other SEO “companies” that use the same cookie-cutter techniques for each client, we put our heart and soul into providing quality, tailored service for each individual person’s search engine optimization needs. Simply put, there is no better SEO service in Brisbane, Australia.
When it comes to customer satisfaction, we are miles ahead of the competition. We offer far superior SEO services compared to other Brisbane alternatives. At Digital Burst, our services are completely transparent. We’ll present you with a detailed plan of action before we begin any work. We’ll identify and implement customized strategies that benefit you and your business and fit your specific needs and wants.
Sounds great, right? But more than simply promising quality work, let’s expand on exactly what we can do for your business. Then you’ll have the necessary information to make the right choice by choosing Digital Burst and take your business’ online presence to the next level.


There are many SEO consulting services in Brisbane that provide highly automated, questionable service. Some use tactics that can even cause your site to be penalized and not appear in search results at all, without warning.
When you hire Digital Burst, you’re getting SEO services that are completely 100% transparent. You’ll never be left in the dark. You’ll have access to our processes and internal systems for task management. This will culminate in a drastic increase of search engine rankings and website traffic.

For every SEO campaign that we perform,
Digital Burst offers:

Web Property Audits

We perform thorough analyses of load speed, accessibility, coding, and structure of your sites. Digging through these properties can uncover any issues that may be diminishing your site’s search engine rankings. These in-depth audits ensure that we have the best possible grasp on what qualities your website is lacking before the hard work even begins.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of a successful SEO campaign, but is also a very difficult strategy to perform correctly. So many Brisbane SEO consulting services only barely scratch the surface of researching keywords. At Digital Burst, we dive deep to discover the right targets to shoot your site to the top of your chosen keyword searches.

Content Marketing

Here at Digital Burst, our outstanding content marketing services are a major source of pride. We consistently do everything in our power to assist our clients in creating outstanding content. Then we help to broadcast knowledge of their product or service. Content is the heart of every SEO campaign. Quality content that is informative and useful will naturally attract a wider audience. Good content leads to exposure, link building, and new audiences.

Content Gap Analysis

Your site and content could be immaculate, but if nobody can find it while searching, it’s not doing you much good, right? Digital Burst boasts a highly professional staff that assists clients in finding out exactly what gaps lie in their current content strategies and work to fill in those gaps. This will greatly improve the visibility of your brand.

Best Practices For On-Page SEO

Optimization of your websites’ design is essential for high search engine rankings. Digital Burst provides the highest quality SEO services in Brisbane and beyond. We ensure that your site continues to run smoothly and is relevant to your intended audience and the broader consumer base.

Acquisition of Backlinks

Digital Burst has an outreach strategy that works to bring trusted incoming signals to your website, allowing search engine crawlers to recognize your site and brand as a trustworthy and relevant authority in your chosen field. Over time, we’ve built an extensive network of link building opportunities and will work with these website owners to collectively build quality brands.

Why Go With Digital Burst for Brisbane SEO

Since 2012, thousands of SEO services have shown up out of the blue both in Australia and overseas. Many of these companies are third rate, and indeed, many of them are third world storefronts that have been rebranded as SEO services. These businesses, based out of third world countries, simply cannot offer all the services and resources available to an in-home company like Digital Burst.
When deciding on an SEO service provider, settling for a low-quality company can be deadly to your site, leading to permanent damage to your brand. We’ve heard many horror stories from clients who have been severely affected by low-quality SEO service providers, based both abroad and right here in Australia.
With Digital Burst, you’ll never have to worry about problems like these. We make worrying about your SEO services a thing of the past with unbeatable quality, unmatched performance, complete transparency, and unwavering communication. Led by our SEO expert, Peter Ngo, Digital Burst was created because of the obvious void in the Brisbane SEO industry. There are no other companies in the area that provide the services that we do.
Our approach is extremely personalized, and Peter himself will be your personal point of contact. There are no annoying account managers to deal with, simply clear and concise communication. Peter has been in the search engine optimization and internet marketing business for over a decade.
He is one of the most trusted and goal-driven internet professionals in the country. He has helped businesses of all sizes achieve SEO and marketing success, from simple and small storefronts to multi-million-dollar companies.
Digital Burst doesn’t stop at the bare minimum like other Brisbane SEO companies. Our aim with each client is to form a true partnership, working with you to provide your brand with everything it needs to thrive in today’s digital market.
You’ll be able to increase your search engine rankings for targeted terms using our full-service SEO plans, including research and planning, strategic consulting, on-site, and off-site search engine optimization.

But Does My Business Truly Need SEO?

Many people are often confused at what search engine optimization is. How important is SEO to my growing Brisbane business? Digital Burst, one of the top SEO services in Brisbane and beyond, is here to clarify some points.
Search engine optimization is a vital part of any businesses’ internet marketing strategy. It provides stronger investment returns than traditional media marketing formats like television, print, and radio. This is especially true in modern Australia, where online traffic is high. Over the years since the rise of search engines, however, SEO has been misunderstood as an easy solution and some keywords thrown into a website. This is hurtful, as it devalues the true importance of SEO as a critical modern marketing strategy.
SEO, like any other marketing practice, is not a magic fix for all your site’s problems. It won’t skyrocket your brand overnight. What SEO does provide, however, is brand visibility, business credibility, website traffic, return on investment, and insight into your customers’ behavior. Let’s dig into each of these offerings a bit.

In Brisbane, SEO is essential to brand and business visibility

When Australian consumers want to find a service or product that meets their needs, they’ll search for keywords on Google or Bing. A business that wants to succeed will want to be higher in the search result rankings.
More than just getting clicks to your site, there is value in high search appearances for high-profile keywords or terms related to your product or service. Most people in Brisbane don’t simply click on the top search result and end their search there. Most people will click multiple search results, change up their search terms, and search again before choosing a site to do business with.
What does this mean for your local Brisbane business? If your website appears in all of these search results, your brand will gain more exposure with each potential customer. This greatly increases the chance of the consumer eventually clicking on your site. The more they see your website appear in the search results, the more trust your brand builds in their mind.

SEO builds credibility to your business

When someone searches for a term, they make an unconscious mental note of each search ranking. To the searcher, a high rank is a vote of confidence from the internet community. Whether the consumer realizes or not, in their mind, a higher ranking in search engine results offers a massive boost in credibility for your brand or business. SEO services such as Digital Burst in Brisbane are here to help you boost your performance in these rankings and take your business to the next level.

SEO leads quality traffic to your business’s site

Website traffic alone doesn’t do your site or business much good, they’re not customers unless their buying your product or service, but your chances of making a sale exponentially increase with the more traffic your site has. With a traditional storefront, your chances of making money increase on a busy, populated street. It’s much better to own a business on Queen street than a dusty backroad where no one ever goes. The same is true in the world of digital marketing.
Much like in Brisbane’s business district, being successful means you’ll need to stand out from the crowd. The quality of your content is what makes the sale, but your chances of an interested party viewing your site skyrocket if your site has heavy traffic. Fortunately, search engine optimization is far less expensive than leasing advertising space on a high-traffic street.
Better than a storefront, when a person clicks through to your site from a search engine, you’ve already won half the battle. These online searchers were already looking for a product or service like yours when they found you. Now all there is to do is have quality content that can make the sale.

SEO offers massive return on investment

Search engine optimization offers far higher rewards for your business than other traditional offline advertising methods. This is because SEO is pure inbound marketing. Inbound marketing allows you to market to consumers who were already searching for the products or services that your business provides.
This also means that SEO is unobtrusive marketing. Since the person was already searching for a product or service of their own volition, there’s no need to shout at them from the radio or block their view of the beautiful sky with a huge billboard. We at Digital Burst are passionate about the unobtrusive nature of SEO, and we want to help your business to harness the power of inbound marketing strategies.

SEO is unmatched when providing insight into consumers

Search engine optimization generates a lot of valuable traffic to your site, but what can that traffic teach us about the consumer base? What insights can be gathered from the demographics already viewing your content? This is the job of analytics tools.
Tools such as Google Analytics are incredibly useful for providing insights into visitors to your website. They tell the location of the search, the devices used, the language used, the days and times consumers are most active, and much more. This helps your Brisbane business make informed decisions about your product and consumer base both online and offline.
At Digital Burst, we are more than a fly-by-night SEO services company running on a shoestring budget with barely capable staff. We are a curated, professional, and passionate agency bent to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd in its online presence.
The TLC we put into our projects is the same quality we provide for our customers. At the end of the day, we are not a machine. We are a collective of individuals geared towards delivering the most reliable SEO consulting and services in Sydney. And that is something we can put our names on.

Some brands we've worked with

Our SEO Packages

Perfect For All Size Businesses
Google Account Set up & Optimisation
Google Search Console
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Google My Business
Bing Webmaster Setup
Competitor Analysis
Comprehensive Keyword Research
2 Hours
3 Hours
Local Citations
Structured Markup / Rich Snippets
On Page Optimisation
Off Page Optimisation
Heat Map Tracking
Conversion Rate Optimization
Site Speed Optimisation
Site Security
Social Post - Organic
Article/ Blog Post
Publish Blog Post on GMB
Website Support
2 Hrs
3 Hrs
Review Generation
Reputation Management
Press Release - Copy + Distribution
All Completed Work Shared Monthly
Interactive Real- Time Tracking
Local Dedicated Account Manager

Your Questions. We Answered.

We believe in our processes and know that we get strong results for clients. However, we can’t make any sweeping claims, based on Google guidelines: “beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings”. Please know that we won’t take you on as a client if we don’t believe we can help.
Yes, we can customise the pricing based on the needs of your business.
Yes, our professional writers can publish content that’s optimised for SEO.
Certainly! A number of clients have told us they’re happy to speak with prospective clients looking for independent references.
Yes, definitely, and it’s a lot more sophisticated than it used to be. The focus is now on meeting the needs of users, rather than stuffing content with keywords.
We believe that small businesses deserve to connect with their target audience, even without the unlimited funds of larger competitors. We do everything in our power to help you meet that goal, by using cost-effective strategies that are proven to attract high volumes of traffic.
Yes, we’ll give you access to real-time reports. This information is presented in a simple way that’s easy to understand.
No, our approach is flexible. We want to adapt to your changing needs as your business evolves.

Adelaide Success Stories

Tony Kaddis
Tony Kaddis
To Sam Shetty & the EWM Team We recently had the pleasure of moving across to the team at E- web Marketing and it was an amazing experience & the best decision we've made in our business since we started in 1999. The Results are 500% better than anyone we've ever used. It was just an overall positive vibe with Sam. From the moment I arrived at the office Dino Ross & Sam & team went above and beyond to ensure we understood everything in professional simple manner and I have now got a strong bond with Sam Shetty. Professional, innovative in marketing SEO social AdWords CRM integration above and beyond my expectations and all over it in his field, with the right crew onboard he only employees experts. The staff seem to be happy and as a result the company culture filters through E- Web Marketing & the office environment makes smooth sailing for Oxford Bathrooms. Therefore positive results. I personally highly recommended them. Sam is the Best in the business. I've used several companies for 20 years. No one compares to his experience and expertise. He doesn't stop until the job is done 100% (late nights his always thinking of innovative stuff for Oxford) always tweaking things. He has turned our business around with the amount of leads he has generated testing and trying. Thank 🙏 You Sam & the Team for being part of our family. Tony Kaddis Director Oxford Bathrooms
Christian Yassmin
Christian Yassmin
Would like to thank the team at E-web for their help with getting my website up and running. Specifically Jisan and Hassnain for their punctuality, clarity and detail in getting my business website up and running. I could not recommend more highly.
Linda Lai
Linda Lai
Sam and his team are passionate, dedicated and reliable to ensure all our marketing needs, goals and strategies are discussed, regularly reviewed and achieved. It is a pleasure working with Sam and his team. Highly recommend them.
David Plunkett
David Plunkett
Excellent Customer Service, prompt feedback with great SEO results
Paul Proszenko
Paul Proszenko
Sam and team were very helpful with getting my business noticed online. They built a great new website and had it well positioned on google. Since then business has increased dramatically. Thanks E-Web!
Kerem Tezbasar
Kerem Tezbasar
I do recommend this business, they're very responsive and quick. They do know their business very well !
Hamid Cicek
Hamid Cicek
Right from the beginning I was very impressed by the level of detail Sam provided me with when I enquired about his services. He has been an absolute pleasure to deal with and the level of quality in the work he and his team has produced is outstanding. I highly recommend them. Thank you so much!
Belinda Li
Belinda Li
Sam is absolutely amazing to work with and get results! Highly recommend their services. The team is very efficient with great communication. The customer service is top notch. They make sure we are happy with everything. We highly recommend to anyone needing new website.
Angela Marshall
Angela Marshall
To be honest, I was skeptical about SEO BUT Sam and his team helped me! They are professional, hard working and Sam goes above and beyond with advice, service and helpful hints to assist you and your company. I own a small boutique company and Sam heard, listened and supported my industry needs, requirements and was contactable at all times. (Which is rare) ! I can’t thank and praise Sam and the team enough. Highly recommend 🙌
rob cassen
rob cassen
both Brooke and i would like to sincerely thank Sam and his team for the fantastic help, support, ideas and very importantly on going support they gave us while building our new website!!! great job guys keep it up! we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.