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Local SEO

Choose powerful keywords that attract people most likely to buy from your website. Beat the competition by identifying and targeting your ideal customer.

It’s not about street traffic anymore...

Gone are the days when you’d ask your friends to recommend a hairdresser, or walk around looking for the best pub. Now you’re more likely to search for reviews on the internet. You could run the best bakery in town, but if you don’t show up on a local Google search, you’re missing out on powerful advertising.

So let’s make sure you show up!

  • We’ll help you rank higher in search engines when people look for terms related to your service.
  • Our approach for getting qualified local prospects includes targeting desktop and mobile devices.
  • We’ll help you attract local reviewers and quickly become the talk of the town.
  • Your business will be on every local directory that matters.

Comprehensive local SEO strategy

Google My Business optimisation is certainly important but there’s so much more to SEO for small businesses. Our start-to-finish approach makes it easy for you to:
  • Identify, understand and target your ideal customer
  • Identify, understand and beat the competition
  • Choose the best keywords to get the most value
  • Generate interesting, targeted content and become an online sensation
  • Achieve amazing results at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising. Local organic optimisation is one of the best moves you can make!
Innovative Reporting
Accurate reporting can be difficult to achieve through SEO (compared to advertising), but not with us. We give you constant access to the latest results from your local SEO strategy.
Google My Business Optimization
Google My Business allows you to manage your entire Google presence on one platform. You’re on the way to success, once your business listing is optimised here.
The Best Listing Platforms
Not all listing platforms are created equal. We’ll select the platforms that work best for your business and help you create optimised listings that work.
Long Term SEO Management
We constantly optimise all your online content for your business, including coding. This delivers powerful results in the short-term while building strong foundations for the future of your company.