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Help your site to stand out in local searches

Your website will be overlooked, if it doesn’t stand out when locals search for keywords related to your product or service.

Large companies pay thousands (if not millions) for paid advertising, to feature on the first page of Google.

But smaller businesses shouldn’t have to spend beyond their means to get noticed online!

Have you ever tried to optimise your website for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

If not, you’re missing out on a golden opportunity to target locals in your area.

When consumers look for information in search engines, they’re conducting organic searches. Out of all marketing channels, organic search attracts the highest number of website visitors for businesses (53%). SEO is a powerful strategy that makes your site more visible to people typing in relevant keywords.

You can do SEO for free (without an agency)!

Search engines are constantly crawling websites for useful content to promote. Make your website attractive to digital algorithms AND consumers, to increase your chances of ranking on the first page.

It's worth the effort:

SEO attracts 20 times more traffic than PPC paid advertising.

And most users who search for a local business on their mobiles end up visiting that store within a day.

Keep in mind: the vast majority of consumers don’t scroll past the first page of search engines, so you want to help your website get to prime real estate!

We compiled this checklist so you can take easy steps to grow your business.

Download our free checklist to make sure you have the right foundations in place to boost the visibility of your website.

About Digital Burst

Digital Burst is a Sydney-based marketing agency offering stand-alone services that build the online presence of local companies (no fixed contracts). We have more than 20 years’ experience, and will tell you upfront if our services aren’t suitable for your needs.

Contact our team or call 1300 310 116 if you need support with your SEO, or want to find out more.

Digital Burst is a branch of E-Web Marketing, an award-winning company that works with businesses on a contract basis.

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